Friday, September 27, 2013

Trip to New York City with Dad and Mom

It Happened...  September 17th and 18th

The trip was technically my "senior trip" -- just postponed a few years. We're glad that we waited.

Riding the Amtrak from Lancaster to Penn Station in NYC was a highlight in a trip that was all highlights.

The Freedom Tower

 9/11 Memorial

Seeing Todd Beamer's name brought back memories of reading Let's Roll.



Dad going to great lengths to take my "senior portrait."


St. Paul's Chapel, 
where George Washington prayed after his inauguration. 

Is the bird an eagle or a turkey?

Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be the national bird, and there is speculation that, since the eagle on this version of the U.S. seal looks more like a turkey, he may have influenced the design.

 Tuesday evening we went to see The Trip to Bountiful.

Wednesday morning we had a bountiful breakfast.

Central Park

A children's book about Balto, that we read growing up, ended by mentioning the statue in Central Park. I had forgotten about it, until we stumbled across the monument.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Replicating Monet's lilypads, maybe?

In the instrument exhibits, there were all sorts of interesting harps to photograph for Charity.

The plaque was vague, but I think that this 1720 pianoforte is the oldest surviving piano in the world.

Silver by Paul Revere

On the city bus.

Our last stop: Jack's 99¢ store, one of Dad's customers.

Penn Station

Parking Lot Sentinel

Thanks, Dad and Mom, for a wonderful trip.


Dad said...

Your welcome! I am still savoring the memories.

Gloria Yoder said...

Loved your documentation of "the trip that was all highlights". Looks like it was terribly fun. Glad you got it accomplished.

Shad said...

Fun post with great pictures. I especially like the candid portraits.

Abigail said...

I enjoyed the pictures from your trip, Carmen! I'm glad you all had a grand time.