Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The 2013 IFRC Girls' Party

It Happened... June 13, 2013

Thanks, Faith, for making our sign and menu.

First thing on the schedule: hat trimming.

Candace presided.

Thanks, Emma, for serving cones.

Where can I get a banana split like that?

Ah, from Corinne, expert banana split maker.

And she made a lot of them.

Corinne enjoying her just desserts.


...organized by Emma and immensely enjoyed by all.

Having a relay race to keep the ball rolling so that the ice cream inside will freeze.

Emma orchestrating the Hot Potato game (though in this case it was a "Cold Potato")

We enjoyed having Abby's colorful presence.

As well as many other lovely ladies.

Faith took this beautiful picture.

But who's this? The girls' party must be over.

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To see a short video of the event, follow this link: