Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trip to the Philadelphia Zoo

It Happened... July 4, 2011

Zoo staff try to figure out what it takes to admit a family with ten children; we wait.

The two-child families eye us from a distance.

Animal sightings begin.

Affronted by Clayton's finger-pointing.

This bird preserves a haute demeanor and beady stare.

The lower-class penguin, on the other hand, was sorry to see us go.

In short, some turned their backs...

...and others performed.

Phares on a wild goose chase.

Zoos don't just make money off the real animals.

Nor are the real animals always the most intimidating.

We finish up in the bird building.

We revisit the pseudo-animals.

We wrap up with the large animal exhibits.

Mommy, over there -- is that the human exhibit?

That's what we felt like: the human exhibit. :-)

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God Bless.