Friday, May 31, 2013

Our Trip to Florida

It Happened... April 2013

 A surprise package -- thanks to Grandma's forethought.

 The pizza place that our GPS took us to for supper.

The Golden Corral had more to offer.

Our house in Florida.

Myakka State Park

Conrad studying Hebrew under a palm tree. 

(Yes, this photo was posed. And sent to Mr. Einwechter.)

Dad and Mom stayed in this house on their wedding trip.

Candace's goal in coming to Florida: to touch a flamingo.


The bird's hoity-toity reaction.



Edison and Ford's Winter Estates

The third largest Banyan tree in the world.

The return trip -- quite the experience.

Aunt Gloria and Uncle Vince in Virginia

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Gloria Yoder said...

was fun to look at these again.