Monday, October 3, 2011

On Set

Candace and I had the privilege of "catering" for the production of "I Don't Believe in Guns," a short film made by young people of our church. The official disclaimer is:

We do believe in guns; this film is not anti-gun.

If anything, it's pro-gun.

But really, guns are not the point. It's an analogy.

To farther understand the analogy, read this, watch this, and visit this.

Yup, we were not unwelcome.

(They knew we had the Bugles with us.)

The Sinister Hoodlum (alias Conrad Martin)

His Shady Sister

Hannah -- spineless in the movie and sweet in reality.

I recommend getting this guy's autograph. He brings drama to the movie and to real life.

Cinematographer -- the guy responsible to capture all that drama.

Scriptwriter, Director, and Hero -- wow, he's got all the enviable titles (and a lot of the work).

Scott -- producer who would rather be a Penndot worker. (Little inside joke here.)

Stephen, the All-Around-Great-Guy. Every set needs one of those.

There's got to be one unstressed person who can smile at photographers full time.

Shane! That is not a smile!

From the next seat: Carmen, he's on break.

I've heard of these. Coat trees I think they're called?

<><><> <><><> <><><>

God bless.


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