Monday, July 25, 2011

Dale and Anna's Wedding

It Happened... June 11, 2011

Josiah Einwechter, the official photographer, gave me the official wedding album along with blogging privileges. (Thank you, Josiah.) So mixed throughout my photos are some of his. To be more accurate: Mixed throughout his are some of mine. He gets most of the credit.

Another Bible-based marriage -- hurray!

The weeds didn't make the guest list.

*Update: Josiah tells me it was the aunts -- I mean, ants -- that didn't make the guest list.
(Uh, oh, Anna warned me not to misspell ants.)

Bring on the music.

And the flowers.

Same occasion; very different vests.

Hannah and Hannah put their heads, as well as their instruments, together with great results.

Now we wait.


Josiah S. said...

Just so anyone who is interested knows, I was not spraying herbicide or pesticide. It was soap and water to kill the ants.

Carmen M. said...

Ah, so it was the aunts --whoops, ants -- who didn't make the guest list.

Only soap and water? That would explain why I found a few ants crawling on my purse maybe? :-)

Thanks, Josiah, for the info. I'll have to keep the soap/water solution in mind; I don't like pesticides either.